- Legacy -

EST. 1979

when you’ve been around 40 years

you are either good or you’re history.

We are both.


Setting the Standard
for quality
Since 1979

“We build luxury trucks with experience, craft, and dedication.
known from 1979 for providing select dealers with our trusted solutions
for their needs in conversion vehicles.”

-Jack Sherrod

Some of the finest upfit vehicles on the road left from a Sherrod manufacturing facility. Industry leading warranty response and top class fit and finish defines us. Experiencing the best, many of our customers order all of their vehicles from us at Sherrod. We stay in front of the competition by crafting everything in house.

Our clientele know what they want, and we deliver quality.


Footage from Sherrod Customs history. This video contains images of our history and showcases the Conversion Vans we built in the roaring 80’s

Our team has been dedicated to the industry since the Golden Age of American Auto Manufacturers. Our Passion for what we do goes beyond the vehicles themselves. Transportation is an essential element of being american, and we love the whole experience. Nothing beats putting a driver behind the wheel of the car of their dreams. Proud to be American, proud build the best. Drive Sherrod.
— Billy Martino: General Manager

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